VMware ESXi thik to thin

On the host delete all files not needed

eg: find /exp1/backup_ontape_llogs -name “*Log*” -exec rm -v {} \;

Then zero out disks so that VMware can recover that space.
dd if=/dev/zero of=zerofile bs=1M; rm -f zerofile

Then showdown the host and from exsi shell
Make a new directory host_clone

cd to host_clone

Run clone.sh

— clone.sh —


SRCF=`find / -name “$SRC”.vmdk`
SRCBF=`find / -name “$SRC”.vmx`

cp $SRCBF “$DEST”.vmx
#vmkfstools -i $SRCF –diskformat eagerzeroedthick “$DEST”.vmdk
vmkfstools -i $SRCF -d thin “$DEST”.vmdk
#vmkfstools -i $SRCF “$DEST”.vmdk



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