K4605 and TP-Link 3G Router

How to get the Vodafone K4605 {Huawei E372} modem and TP-Link 3G Router {TL-MR3420} to work.

First update TP-Link to the latest firmware.

Published Date 4/18/2011



Plug the modem into Win PC.  Open HyperTerm/Putty or any emulator that can chat to com port.

Select the last com port, 9600B.

Type: AT

You should get reply “OK”.  If not, try the next com port in the list until you get a reply. “OK.”

Next step is to disable the onboard CD on the K4605


Unplug modem, insert into TP-Link


If needed you can set the K4605 back to factory defaults



I hope this link helped some of you.




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